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In the film industry, the Golden Raspberry Awards AKA the Razzies recognises the worst in the industry annually. So allow us to present the Razzies for … Euro 2016!

The Worst Team
This unfortunate award goes out to Ukraine. The Ukrainians left Euro 2016 the earliest, after losing two Group games to Germany and Northern Ireland. They wrapped up their Group stages with yet another defeat and thus sits rock bottom of the 24-year team tournament with no points and no goals to their tally. The closest they came to scoring was in the earlier stages of their opening game against Germany. Suffice to say, it was an absolute downhill from there.

Boateng clears off the line

The Worst Game
This tournament will not remembered for a great amount of goals, but one awful game really stood out – the Round of 16 tie between Portugal and Croatia. Two teams were filled with attacking talents from top European clubs but neither side threatened much in the regulation time of 90 mins. Cristiano Ronaldo was particularly subdued.

The only goal of the game came in the 117th minute, in a move which saw the Portuguese get their first shots on target. Rubbish of a game – a disappointment of all watching fans.

The Worst Refereeing Decision
To be fair, the overall level of refereeing throughout the competition had been of the highest quality. With the introduction of goal-line technology and by-line referee assistants, this tournament had by and large gone by without many controversial moments. One of this stood out, unfortunately, this:

Like the pundits always say, this would had been a clear-cut foul anywhere else on the pitch, so it was a real shame the Irish were not given anything at all. Also, this came at a crucial point of the game where they were just a goal down against Belgium.

The Worst Attacking Side
It has to be Sweden. The Swedes failed to register a single shot on goal in their first two games, even though they did find the net (it was an own goal). All in all, they managed just 23 attempts, 3 of them on target as they exited meekly.

Much to ponder about for Ibrahimovic and his Euro 2016 display


The Worst in Discipline
Surprise surprise, it is the Italians. Over five games, Italy accumulated 18 yellow cards. They had also committed a total of 81 fouls on their opponents, a tournament high in terms of average. A hallmark of Antonio Conte’s aggressive side perhaps?

Yes, it is a foul.

The Worst Passers of the Ball
This award goes out to the Northern Irish. The team had managed a pass completion rate of 70% over their four games and had only registered a total of 920 passes. In comparison, the Spanish had managed three times that in the same number of games.



The Worst in Possession

Clearly not a fan of Tiki-taka football, the Icelandic managed an average of just 36% possession over their five games in Euro 2016. Against Hungary in the Group Stages, they only had 33% of the possession, the second lowest in the competition (Northern Ireland had 29% against Germany). But hey, they proceeded further than the Godfather of Tiki-Taka, Spain, so maybe possession doesn’t matter as much as you think!

Was it a good competition overall? Tell us!


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