Someone has allegedly found the United players’ FPL private league

In times like this, anything can be found on the internet, as long as you look for it hard enough. Someone has allegedly discovered the “official” Manchester United Player’s FPL private league and as at GW02 it looks like this:


Defender Chris Smalling is currently topping that league – a fact that is of no major surprise given that he is struggling with injuries and have plenty of time to tinker his squad. He also quite smartly did not have himself in his team, opting for his teammates David de Gea, Anthony Martial and Mason Greenwood instead. He has also captained Liverpool’s Mo Salah over the past 2 gameweeks – but hey, so did many many other FPL managers.

Trailing behind Smalling is his good mate Phil Jones, who likewise, is really struggling to get into the United team at the moment. He is likely to incur the wrath of United fans given that he has fielded both Rui Patricio and Ruben Neves in GW02 – against United! But then again, he was simply doing what every sensible FPL manager would have done.

New United boy Daniel James may have scored on his debut but will need to do more in FPL to earn respect. He shamelessly fielded himself (1 FPL pt for that) and captained Harry Kane who did nothing of note against Manchester City. His current measly total of 72 pts put him way behind Smallling.

However, James can perhaps be slightly forgiven for his struggles thus far. A little bit of deep dive reveals that this is his first ever FPL season (at least first ever on this account!). Harry Maguire appears to be veteran of the FPL game, having participated yearly since the 2012/13 season. He also finished respectably 33,000th in the 2016/17 season – when he was a Premier League defender at Hull City.

Like James, Luke Shaw and Ashley Young (?) are also making their FPL debut this season.

There is also some mystery surrounding the identity of 8th placed manager “Tiki Taka Legend“. Is he the administrator of this “The MUFC Tiki-Taka Fantasy” league? Could he be Marcus Rashford, the other prominent English player not otherwise identified in this league? Could it be Aaron Wan-Bissaka, given that the right back was in that team on GW02? Or is it Jesse Lingard, with the name alluding to his love of the passing game?

OR could the whole league be staged by some sick mind with ridiculous amount of time to burn? Who cares, we had fun investigating this, hope you had fun reading.



We will be continue to track this Private League – for laughs.


Join the FF Titan league instead! No celebrities, just top FPL managers –> effv23

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