Top FPL Team Names – 2019/20

Virtual Van died

We take a look across all the punny team names across the various FPL leagues and pick our favourites – these are actual team names which we have seen.

For other suggestions, take a read of our suggestions this time last season.


#1 Virtual Van Died – Pardon our sense of humour but this play on words is killing us. A pun particularly relevant in our technology age.

Virtual Van died

#2 Kante fit my Willian – Sounds like a Chelsea fan’s team name. Also relevant since Willian was a last minute inclusion to Brazil’s 2019 Copa America squad – and they won the tournament!

kante fit my willian

#3 All about the Mane – Mane’s name is open to many puns and this is punny in the #FPL space – it is about the money isn’t it – 100m for 15 players.

All about the mane


Others with mentioning:

  • HAKUNA MORATA – One of our favourites but would have been more relevant if Alvaro Morata is still in the Premier League.
  • FF Victorious Secret– not a pun on any player but mixing lingerie with football have us turned. (on).
  • Fu’s Fighters 
  • Cesc in the City
  • Boom Xhaka Laca
  • COCU inthenest
  • Kroos Control
  • Alisson Wonderland
  • Spurs of the Moment

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