World Chess Champion is top 10 in FPL Globally

Current World Chess Champion, Norwegian Magnus Carlsen, is currently top 10 overall in the Fantasy Premier League. His team, Kjell Ankedal, has climbed steadily to the current position after strong scores in the last few weeks.

This is his GW16 squad:

Who is Magnus Carlsen?

The 29 year old Norwegian is the Lionel Messi + Cristiano Ronaldo of the Chess world. He is a child prodigy, earned the grandmaster title at age 13 and became the World Champion for the first time in 2013, when he was just 23. He has held the title since.

According to the ELO rating system, Carlsen has been the world number one player since July 2011. He achieved the peak rating of 2882, the highest rating received by any player since the system has been used in Chess in 1971. He has a long chess career to come but many have already labelled him the best Chess player since records began.

Outside of his sport, Carlsen is a media darling in his native Norway. He models, is the inspiration for mobile apps and has numerous cameos in popular shows like Star Trek and The Simpsons. He loves the Premier League, supports Real Madrid and yes, has beaten Trent Alexander-Arnold in a chess game before.


Analysis of his team Kjell Ankedal

Carlsen’s team surged into the top 400 after GW06, when he was a bit lucky after his captain Raheem Sterling did not play and he earned 34pts off his vice captain KDB. (City beat Watford 8-0). He consolidated and grew strength to strength, breaking into the top 100 by Gw10 and the top 10 by GW15.

He is also one of the astute managers to have John Lundstram from GW01.

He utilised his wildcard on GW13 and has been captaining Mo Salah (and vice-captaining Mane) since. Liverpool’s recent surge of goals scored have helped him ascend right to the top.

Game History

Carlsen started to play the game seriously from the 2015/16 season and achieved a very respectable OR of 85k in the first time asking (at least first time in this account). Very impressively, he finished 2,397th OR in 2017/18.

Game of Skill

Carlsen has been asked about his FPL team in interviews before. He is humble of his ultra success and has often attributed it “luck”. The argument on whether FPL is a game of skill or luck will continue, but when a chess demi-god also does well in FPL, you have to be inclined to believe that immense knowledge and analysis are required to be top of the FPL game.


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