FPL GW28 Updates

With the confirmation of the 2020 Carabao Cup Finalists, the changes to GW28 are now confirmed.

The finalists are Manchester City and Aston Villa, hence they will not be playing that gameweek.

Their respective opponents, Arsenal and Sheffield United also miss that gameweek. This means that there would only be 16 teams playing on GW28.

The postponed games have not been scheduled but history tells us it should be around GW33-GW36.

FPL managers have experienced an abridged Gameweek this season, after Liverpool missed GW18 because of their involvement in FIFA Club World Cup.

Many FPL assets from these 4 teams are highly popular – none more so than Kevin de Bruyne (MCI), the most owned player in the game at ~52%. Temptation should be low to transfer out the mercurial Belgian, but some the <blank> in GW28 may affect other assets.

grealish 2
Captain Grealish
  • Jack Grealish (AVL) already has already a run of difficult fixtures between GW29-GW33 and this turn of events may see a jettison of the English midfielder.
  • John Lundstram (SHU)‘s place in the Blades’ starting XI may also be affected soon, given the new arrivals to the club so a blank GW may accelerate the transfers out.

On the other hand, Arsenal actual have a decent run of games to come either side of GW28 so favourite forward PE Aubameyang may be kept by FPL managers.


On the chips front, a Free Hit may be sensible if you already have handful of players from these teams. Leicester plays Norwich and Liverpool visits Watford that week, so it may be a good opportunity there to overhaul the team (for a week). A wildcard seems an overkill for GW28 given that players from the 4 teams do make good long term picks.

Other Implications

For league leaders Liverpool, it is now a numbers game to the end of the season. At time of writing, the magic mark is 94pts, given that second placed City can amass 93 at most. The shift of City games to beyond GW32 may have little impact to Liverpool’s race to the title, except the fact that City may fall more points behind (than the current 19) when they do miss a game.



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