COVID-19 Cases in Singapore in 6 Charts

Covid 19 Singapore

We look at all the cases of COVID-19 cases in Singapore in charts and statistics.

Data correct as at 16 MAR 2020.

All charts are interactive.

Singapore cases against Rest of the World less Mainland

These numbers are according to official WHO statistics.

There are 243 confirmed cases in Singapore, of which 109 (45%) have recovered and discharged.


The average age of the confirmed cases is 46, the median age is also 46.

The youngest is a 6-month old toddler and the oldest is a 86-year old male.

The most common age group of the cases is 30-39.

Local transmission of COVID-19 has outnumbered imported cases, despite the surge in imported cases over the last few days.

There are 10 known clusters in Singapore.

And some clusters are inter-linked. Most cases are linked to the private function @ Jurong SAFRA

On the average, the discharged cases spent 11.5 days in hospital.

Case #151 (51yo, male) was not hospitalised (0) and Case #53 (54yo, male) spent 30 days.

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