FPL Gameweek 28 – 6 talking points

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FPL Gameweek 28 – 6 talking points


This gameweek 28 sees only 8 matches, with 4 teams not playing – Manchester City, Arsenal, Sheffield United and Aston Villa. This presents a selection problem with many highly owned players missing out. Here are some players which we picked out to discuss.

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De Bruyne (MCI, 10.8m, TSB 51.6%)

He is the most popular player and there is a good reason for that. He has the most points in the league. It would not make much sense to sell him, as he is likely to be among the highest scoring player come the end of the season. Some may argue he has a tough run of games coming up – @MUN, BUR, @CHE, LIV but after that, his fixtures become favourable and you will want him back again – @SOU, NEW, @BHA, BOU.


Grealish (AST, 6.7m, TSB 23.8%)

Amazingly, he is the 3rd most popular midfielder in the league. Aston Villa are in a relegation dogfight and has very difficult fixtures coming up – @LEI, CHE, @NEW, WOL, @LIV, MUN. That said, he is the talisman of the team, and if Aston Villa scores, he will likely to be involved. If you can transfer him out with a free transfer, then you should do so. If you need to take a -4 to transfer him out, it becomes tricky as there are not many players to choose from. Here are some choices you can consider.

  • Maddison (LEI, 7.4m, TSB 20.4%) – @NOR, AST, @WAT, BHA
  • Martial (MUN, 8.0m, TSB 14.9%) – @EVE, MCI, @TOT, SHU
  • Fernandes (MUN, 8.2m, TSB 7.3%) – @EVE, MCI, @TOT, SHU
  • Ward-Prowse (SOU, 5.7m, TSB 1.6%) – @WHU, NEW, @NOR, ARS
  • Moutinho (WOL, 5.4m, TSB 5.1%) – @TOT, BHA, @WHU, BOU


Henderson (SHU, 5.2m, TSB 16.1%)

He will miss out in Gameweek 28, as well as Gameweek 31 as he cannot play against his parent club – Manchester United. If you don’t have a back-up keeper, we recommend that you keep him and bring in another playing keeper alongside him. As Gameweek 31 is also the FA Cup quarter-finals, there will be many teams not playing in that gameweek. The only confirmed matches currently for that gameweek are Burnley vs Watford and Wolves vs Bournemouth. So we would recommend Pope (BUR, 4.8m, TSB 16.7%) – @NEW, TOT, @MCI, WAT – Gameweek 31, if you need to bring in a keeper.


Aguero (MCI, 11.9m, TSB 19.7%) / Aubemeyang (ARS, 10.9m, TSB 19.0%)

Both of these premium forwards are not playing in Gameweek 28. Aubamayang has some good fixtures thereafter – WHU, @BHA, @SOU, NOR, so some managers may have a good reason to hold onto him. As for Aguero, his fixtures are @MUN, BUR, @CHE, LIV, and Manchester City have Champions League to contend with. Therefore, if you have him, we would recommend that you sell him. Any of the choices below would be a suitable replacement for him.

  • Vardy (LEI, 9.7m, TSB 35.7%) – @NOR, AST, @WAT, BHA
  • Ings (SOU, 7.1m, TSB 33.5%) – @WHU, NEW, @NOR, ARS
  • Jimenez (WOL, 7.9m, TSB 29.4%) – @TOT, BHA, @WHU, BOU


Lundstram (SHU, 4.9m, TSB 41.0%)

He has not started in the last 4 gameweeks. Unless you have other fires to put out, it would be time to sell him. Again, it is recommended that you look for replacements who currently have a confirmed match in Gameweek 31 – Burnley vs Watford and Wolves vs Bournemouth. Burnley and Wolves defenders would be slightly preferred, so here are some players we like.

  • Taylor (BUR, 4.2m, TSB 1.8%) – @NEW, TOT, @MCI, WAT
  • Tarkowski (BUR, 5.1m, TSB 3.7%) – @NEW, TOT, @MCI, WAT
  • Boly (WOL, 4.7m, TSB 3.0%) – @TOT, BHA, @WHU, BOU
  • Doherty (WOL, 6.1m, TSB 4.9%) – @TOT, BHA, @WHU, BOU


The most important question – who to captain?

For me, there are only 3 players to consider – Salah (LIV, 12.8m, TSB 45.1%), Mane (LIV, 12.3m, TSB 23.6%) and Vardy (LEI, 9.7m, TSB 35.7%). If you want to play it safe, go for Salah or Mane. If you want to choose a differential pick, go for Vardy.



That’s all and all the best for Gameweek 28!



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