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FPL GW29 DGW is now a reality after confirmation that the postponed Man City V Arsenal tie would be rescheduled to Wednesday, 11 March.

This is of course the second double gameweek (DGW) of the season, with Liverpool and West Ham already playing out a DGW on GW24.

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What is happening?

Manchester City and Arsenal will play two games on GW29.

  • Manchester United v Manchester City
  • Arsenal v West Ham
  • Manchester City v Arsenal

Why is this happening?

Man City played (and won) in the 2020 Carabao Final which was held on GW28. Arsenal and City have a free mid-week next week and thus decided to play out this rescheduled fixture. The mid-week had been designated for European games but City do not play until the week after and Arsenal area already out of the Europa League.

Another fixture postponed on GW28 was Aston Villa v Sheffield United but there is less urgency to play that fixture early as neither of the teams are involved in Europe.

How will this affect my players?

Players from both City and Arsenal will now have two games to earn FPL points for your team.

What if the players from the said teams only play in one of the two games?

Then only points earned from that one fixture will count.

A player would need to miss both fixtures for him to be substituted out of your first XI.

What lesson can be learn from the last DGW?

Those who played the Triple Captain (TC) chip on Mane that GW, turn away now. Mane was hurt after 32 mins against Wolves and missed the second game entirely, those who TC’ed suffered a bloodbath.

Suffice to say, anything can happen in football.

What does this mean for my FPL Chips?

de bruyne

  • Free Hit / Wildcard – Clearly this presents a good opportunity to utilise either of these two chips to bring in the maximum allowed of 6 players (3 from each team) into your team.
  • Triple Captain – Yes, some potential choices are De Bruyne, Aguero and Aubameyang.
  • Bench Boost – No real relevance here, utilise the BB much later when more than two teams have double games.

What do you suggest I do?

The chances that you have a 3 Arsenal players and 3 City players are not high. The time lag of the announcement of this fixture also meant that most managers would not have the time build towards a DGW line-up/

However, it is sometimes difficult to predict Pep’s line-ups so we recommend taking -4 / -8 to bolster a few Arsenal / City players, saving your Free Hit for GW31 where we will be missing several fixtures. Also, there are good fixtures here, Liverpool have a tantalising home tie against Bournemouth and Leicester is home to a leaky Villa.



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