FPL GW29 Talking Points


Here is our FPL GW29 talking points.

After a blank FPL Gameweek 28, we have a FPL Gameweek 29 with double gameweek teams!

Manchester City – Away at Manchester United, Home to Arsenal

Arsenal – Home to West Ham, Away at Manchester City.

Here is our talking points for FPL Gameweek 29.

Free Hit chip

Managers holding this chip will be thinking if it is a good idea to use the Free Hit in Gameweek 29. To help with the decision, look ahead to Gameweek 31 where there are only 4 fixtures.

  • TOT vs WHU
  • BUR vs WAT
  • LIV vs PAL
  • WOL vs BOU

If you currently have around 8-9 players for Gameweek 31, you can consider playing your Free Hit chip in Gameweek 29 to take advantage of Arsenal and Man City players. However, with favourable fixtures for LIV (home to BOU), SHU (home to Norwich), SOU (home to Newcastle), WOL (home to BHA) and LEI (home to AST), it could be difficult for you to get funds to buy the likes of Aubameyang, Aguero, De Bruyne, Ederson, etc.

If you only have 5-6 players for Gameweek 31, then logically you will want to use transfers to get Arsenal and Man City players, then play your Free Hit chip in Gameweek 31.


Arsenal players to consider

  • Aubameyang (ARS, 11.0m, TSB 22.9%) – I think he is a most have. He is the talisman and captain of the team and can score penalties. Many managers will be willing to take a -4 to get him in and many more will give him the captain’s armband.
  • Pepe (ARS, 9.2m, TSB 4.0%) – His price makes it hard to get him, even if you are using the Free Hit chip.
  • Saka (ARS, 4.6m, TSB 2.6%) – He could be the cheap enabler to raise funds to buy Aubameyang.

Arsenal goalkeeper/defenders – There is no guarantee that any of them will be able to outscore the players with only 1 game and with a good fixture.


Man City players to consider

  • De Bruyne (MCI, 10.7m, TSB 50.4%) – The most popular player in the league. He is currently yellow flagged with a shoulder injury. Some managers will be tempted to transfer him out to get another player from Man City/Arsenal, especially if we don’t get a definite update from Pep closer to the deadline. This would be a risky move given that he is so popular. Also, there is a likelihood you need to take a -4 to do so. However, if you are lagging behind by many points, this risky move could help to close up the gap. Some players you can consider are Pepe (ARS, 9.2m, TSB 4.0%) – WHU, @MCI, @BHA, Blank, NOR and Mahrez (MCI, 8.4m, TSB 7.4%) – @MUN, ARS, BUR, Blank, LIV
  • Aguero (MCI, 11.9m, TSB 17.2%) – If you got him already, there is no reason to transfer him out unless you need the funds for Aubameyang. Else, he is a bit too expensive to bring in.
  • Sterling (MCI, 11.7m, TSB 14.9%) / Jesus (MCI, 9.5m, TSB 2.7%) – Too much of a rotation risk and unlikely to play both games.
  • Mahrez (MCI, 8.4m, TSB 7.5%) – His points per match is decent at 5.5. Would be good to consider if you are using the Free Hit. If not, he might not be worth it if you need to take a hit.

Manchester City goalkeeper/defenders – Hard to see clean sheet for either of the 2 games.


Triple captain

The managers who still have this chip will be thinking of playing it on Aubameyang or Aguero/KDB. We would recommend to use it on Aubameyang if you are playing this chip, given Pep’s rotation. Alternatively, you may want to consider the games that have been postponed to see if there is another opportunity to use it later.

  • AST vs SHU
  • CHE vs MCI
  • LEI vs BHA
  • MUN vs SHU
  • NEW vs AST
  • NOR vs EVE
  • SOU vs ARS


The most important question – who to captain?

Most managers will choose Aubameyang (ARS, 11.0m, TSB 22.9%) as the captain. Other choices would include Salah (LIV, 12.8m, TSB 44.5%), Mane (LIV, 12.4m, TSB 24.3%), Jimenez (WOL, 8.0m, TSB 31.6%) and Jota (WOL, 6.3m, TSB 6.9%).

From a probability point of view, it does not make sense to choose another player other than Aubameyang. However, we can all remember the pain felt by Mane owners earlier in the season.


That’s all and all the best for Gameweek 29!


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