FPL GW30 Preview

As we look towards Gameweek 30, it is hard not to look back at Gameweek 29. Gameweek 29 was supposed to be a double gameweek for MCI and ARS players. Unfortunately, Covid-19 decided to make an appearance and caused the MCI vs ARS game to be cancelled. The managers who had brought in Aubameyang as captain, as well as other double gameweek players can only count themselves very unlucky, as nobody could have seen this before Gameweek 29 deadline.


Now, we turn our attention to FPL GW30 Preview.

The blank gameweek 31 is upon us soon, managers’ transfer plans could be dictated by whether they are going to play the Free Hit chip or Wildcard in Gameweek 31.

Managers who are going to play the Free Hit chip or Wildcard in Gameweek 31 – it does not matter that much if the players you want to bring in have a fixture in gameweek 31.

Managers who are not going to play the Free Hit chip or Wildcard in Gameweek 31 -the plan is simple. Bring in players that are going to play in Gameweek 31.

<<UPDATE 13 MAR: #BHAARS has been postponted>>

Here are our recommendations in each position.


dean henderson

  1. Patricio (WOL, 5.1m, TSB 9.8%) – Has fixture in GW31 – Among the goalkeepers that is playing in Gameweek 31, he probably has the best fixtures over the next 3 games – @WHU, BOU, @AST.
  2. Pope (BUR, 4.8m, TSB 18.5%) – Has fixture in GW31 – His next game is against MCI, which is very tough but he should have a few saves to make. After that, he plays WAT at home, where BUR is quite good with 7 clean sheets.
  3. Leno (ARS, 5.0m, TSB 5.5%) – Blank in GW31 – Arteta has improved the defence and Leno plays away at BHA in Gameweek 30 and home to NOR in Gameweek 32.
  4. Henderson (SHU, 5.2m, TSB 16.2%) – Blank in GW31 – SHU has been defensively sound this season with 10 clean sheets already. He plays away at NEW in Gameweek 30 and home to TOT in Gameweek 32.


Matt Doherty FPL

  1. Doherty (WOL, 6.2m, TSB 8.2%) – Has fixture in GW31 – In his last 3 games, he has 1 goal, 2 assists and 2 clean sheet. If you can afford him, get him in. If not, you can also consider the cheaper WOL defenders of Boly (WOL, 4.8m, TSB 3.2%) and Saiss (WOL, 4.6m, TSB 3.5%).
  2. TAA (LIV, 7.8m, TSB 44.7%) – Has fixture in GW31 – If you do not yet have a LIV defender, he is the one to get because of his attacking threat. Else, any of the other cheaper LIV defenders like Robertson (LIV, 7.0m, TSB 20.0%) or VVD (LIV, 6.6m, TSB 44.4%) would be fine.
  3. Alonso (CHE, 6.1m, TSB 3.9%) – Blank in GW31 – He look to have cemented the starting place and has gotten 3 goals and 1 clean sheet in his last 3 games. He plays away to AST in gameweek 30 and away to WHU in gameweek 32.
  4. Lascelles (NEW, 4.3m, TSB 4.4%) – Blank in GW31 – 2 clean sheets in a row, he play at home to SHU in gameweek 30 and away at BOU in gameweek 32. He also has 2 games to be scheduled, home to AST and away at MCI.



  1. Bowen (WHU, 6.5m, TSB 0.2%) – Has fixture in GW31 – Bowen has looked lively and has started the last 2 games. Alternatively, you can consider Antonio (WHU, 6.9m, TSB 0.8%), who gave so much trouble to the ARS defence in the last game.
  2. Sarr (WAT, 6.3m, TSB 2.8%) – Has fixture in GW31 – Sarr would be the popular choice after his 19 points haul in his last home game against LIV. Another WAT player to consider would be Doucoure (WAT, 5.6m, TSB 2.9%) who has 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 4 games.
  3. Fernandes (MUN, 8.5m, TSB 15.5%) – Blank in GW31 – He has been a revelation and has returned 2 goals and 3 assists in his last 4 games. He is a must have for the rest of the season. He plays away at TOT in gameweek 30 and away at BHA in gameweek 32.
  4. Ozil (ARS, 7.2m, TSB 1.5%) – Blank in GW31 – A left field pick here but he is in decent form with 1 goal and 1 assist in his last 3 games. He plays away at BHA in Gameweek 30 and home to NOR in Gameweek 32.



  1. Wilson (BOU, 7.4m, TSB 4.7%) – Has fixture in GW31 – Another important player for his club, he is in decent form with 3 goals in his last 6 fixtures. His next 3 games – PAL, @WOL, NEW.
  2. Deeney (WAT, 6.2m, TSB 2.0%) – Has fixture in GW31 – If WAT is to starve off relegation, a lot will depend on him, who is the club captain and provide the leadership on the pitch. It helps that he is on penalty duties. His next 3 games – LEI, @BUR, SOU.


The most important question – who to captain?

It is a tough call this week, as the usual suspects all have rather tough fixtures except Man City. However, with the all important Champions League to follow, who will Pep actually choose to play against Burnley?

  • Salah/Mane – Away at EVE
  • Vardy – Away at WAT
  • Aubameyang – Away at BHA
  • Jimenez – Away at WHU
  • KDB – Home to BUR

To play it safe, Salah (LIV, 12.7m, TSB 43.7%) or Mane (LIV, 12.4m, TSB 24.8%) would be our preference given their high ownership. If you want to choose a slightly different pick, go for Aubameyang (ARS, 11.1m, TSB 28.0%) or Vardy (LEI, 9.6m, TSB 29.5%).



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