Everyone gets a FPL Wildcard – GW30+

everybody gets a wildcard

As things stands, it looks like everyone gets a FPL Wildcard upon the resumption of the the game on 17 June.

Gameweek 30+ Deadline

Fantasy Premier League has adopted a new nomenclature – adding a “+” to all the gameweeks on resumption.  As expected by most managers, the GW30+ deadline is Wed 17 JUN 1700hrs BST, 1 hr before the kick-off of Aston Villa v Sheffield Utd.

GW30+ is a double gameweek – a total of 12 fixtures would be played with Villa, Sheff Utd, Man City and Arsenal playing twice.

This gameweek will last a full 5 days –


  • Aston Villa vSheffield United
  • Manchester City v Arsenal


  • Norwich City v Southampton
  • Tottenham Hotspur v Manchester United


  • Watford v Leicester City
  • Brighton & Hove Albion v Arsenal
  • West Ham United v Wolverhampton Wanderers
  • AFC Bournemouth v Crystal Palace


  • Newcastle United v Sheffield United
  • Aston Villa v Chelsea
  • Everton v Liverpool


  • Manchester City v Burnley

Wildcard for All

FPL managers can make unlimited free transfers until the GW30+ deadline – this is essentially a technical wildcard for all.

All your other chips until this stage remains untouched and so does your squad value – ie if your squad value is higher than the default 100, you are free to bring in new players to your value.

As this is not considered an activation of your wildcard, you are free to use other chips (TC / BB) in the same gameweek.

Some early strategic thoughts

GW30+ appears to be the only DGW on schedule for the rest of the season. Well, that is of course barring any other postponement of games due to COVID-19.

With that in mind, it appears sensible to load up your brand new squad with players from teams with DGW AND utilise a chip like bench boost.

However, as with things this season, that thought may not be as lucrative as it sounds.

arly thoughts on FPL return

Individual Fitness and Form

The Premier League hiatus is 100-day long and there would be no telling the level of fitness the players are at when they return. Yes, all of them are professionals but the truth is with no games in this period, it is not easy for any outside to judge.

Before the break, players like Bruno Fernandes, Raul Jimenez and Dominic Calvert-Lewin were on form players but it is not easy to say that they would simply pick up where they left off. Many players have also returned from long term injuries and have eased into training, adding further speculations formations and starting XIs.

Five Substitutions

This new rule, whilst good for the overall game, is likely to prove to be an annoyance to many FPL managers in weeks to come.

Picture this: Arsenal is still chasing for a European spot with a few games to go. PE Aubayameng did not score in the first half but they are 2-0 up. They have a tough away game to come. What would Mikel Arteta be tempted to do? Yes, utilise one of the 5 substitutions at halftime to afford his star forward a rest.

Very likely, many players in your team are not likely to see 90min of action – you would be hopeful if they will see 60!

This rule is brand new and it will take a few weeks for FPL managers to identify any patterns and the effect of it to their squads.

Current Advice

FPL has confirmed that there would be no price moves until the beginning of GW30+. This means that there is no need to panic buy your favourite FPL assets at this point. Take your time, shortlist a few top assets and build your squad around them.

Think of what chip you will like to play on GW30+ (or not) and then settle on a 15.


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