FPL GW30+ Chip Strategy

FPL GW30+ Chip Strategy

FPL GW30+ Chip Strategy

FPL is finally back!

First topic I wanted to touch on is that FPL has decided to give all managers unlimited transfers for the GW30+. This essentially is a ‘third’ wildcard for the season. It is baffling to me why they have decided to do so. It also made some managers who were actively managing their teams in preparation for the restart look a bit silly now.

In addition, it gave some advantage to managers who have a higher team value.

To draw an analogy, it is as if clubs had the transfer window open and they can spend money to buy players to help them with either fight for European spots or avoid relegation.

With that ranting out of the way, I would like to touch on FPL GW30+ Chip Strategy. There are probably 2 options which most managers will make.

  1. GW30+ use bench boost. GW31+ use wildcard

The idea behind this option is that there is unlikely to be a double gameweek other than GW30+. Therefore, you get players with double games to fill your bench. You may have to sell the likes of Salah, TAA, Fernandes, Jimenez to fund Aguero, Laporte, Ederson, etc.

One obvious advantage is that you will get 2 goalkeepers who play 2 games and maybe you have some players on the bench playing 2 games as well if you are willing to sacrifice the likes of Salah, TAA, etc. If you do that, you will also lose some value. Else, your other outfield players will likely only play 1 game.

Then you will use the wildcard in GW31+ to get rid of the double game week players like Samatta, Sheffield United defenders and goalkeeper, etc.

  1. GW30+ use Free Hit then save the bench boost and wildcard

By going for this option, you can still get a strong 11 out with plenty of players with 2 games. You get to save your wildcard for usage later, allowing you to see how the players perform in the first few games. Then ideally, the wildcard should set you up with players you are happy to play the bench boost chip in the next gameweek. The downside is that your bench boost in the future will only be made up of players who play 1 game.


As both options have their pros and cons, it will be a tough decision to make.

That’s all for now and I am sure there will be plenty of tinkering in the next few days!

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