How to find my FPL team id? (with screenshots)

how to find FPL team id

A common question has been popping up frequently recently – How to find my FPL team id?

Login to using your browser

There is no way to see your team id from the Premier League App. You have to use the browser.

When are you are at the home page, click on the “My Team” tab and click into “view Gameweek history“.

how to find my fpl team id

It will bring you to a new page.


How to find my FPL team id

You team id will be one element of the new URL.


How to find my league id?

From the FPL home page, click on to “Leagues” Tab then click into the mini-league which you want the id to find my fpl id.

Ta-da! Your league id is in the next URL

how to find my fpl id

What are these ids used for?

Giving someone else your team id enables others to correct identify your team in FPL, enabling them to see your FPL history and how you are doing in the current season.

It is also needed for some FPL auxiliary sites to check live FPL statistics etc. One of such pages is anewpla, which gives a lot more FPL data than given by the official FPL game.


Do the ids stay the same every season?

No, team and league ids change every season. We cannot confirm this for a fact, but they appear to be in running order of registrations – the earlier you re-register your team in a FPL season, the smaller number in terms of id you get.


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