Official FPL Winner Stripped of Title

Official FPL Winner Stripped of Title

In a dramatic twist to the 2019/20 FPL season, the original winner of FPL, Bulgarian Aleksandar Antonov has been stripped of his title over “player comments”.

Original Standings

Bulgarian Aleksandar Antonov ended the FPL season on 26th Jul with 2575 points, a good 18 points in front of Joshua Bull (2557) in second place.

Bull has led the OVERALL FPL standings for 5 of the 9 GWs after the Restart but we pipped on GW36+ and finished second to Antonov.

What Happened?

Antonov was expected to be crowned champions by FPL, after all this appears to be a formality with FPL naming their official champion and an interview.

However, on 11 Aug, a full 16 days after the end of the season, FPL announced that Antonov has contravened the “terms and conditions” of the game and was stripped of his title. Bull was awarded champion instead and Antonov’s account was fully expunged from the game.

Investigations have since revealed that Antonov’s disqualification was because of his comments made about some players in “a moment of frustration in a private group chat”. The player in question is alleged to be Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling.

Bull, 29, has since made public comments about his unexpected victory. He is a mathematician living in the UK and actually supports Championship side Ipswich Town.

His tip for all FPL managers – “pick the players you think will do well and stick with them”. He added that he didn’t take any points hits (to make extra transfers) throughout the season.

Our Verdict

Suffice to say. we at FF Titans do not condone any form of racism or discrimination. The fact that the Premier League has taken such serious actions on Antonov have gone to show how serious they take this, on every platform in which they manage. They are disqualifying Antonov perhaps as a preemptive should his previous comments surface after his crowning.

This post-season drama has made headlines across many different news outlet, furthering the interest in the game, which now is a platform of over 7++ million players.

We congratulate Joshua Bull for his win, for his name will be etched into eternity like every Premier League title winner. We will continue in our strife to be close to this elite group of FPL managers.


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