Top FPL Team Names – 2020/21


Top FPL Team Names – 2020/21

As the Premier League enters pre-season mode, it is our time to run our some top (and punny) FPL team names. This is the refreshed list from our previous season’s edition.

As always, we love it hear it from you – let us know if you have any to add!


The Villa captain starts our punny list off.

Ayew talking to me?

The Palace forward leads his line with a famous quote from Taxi Driver.

Brave Hart

We hope the ex-Burnley GK can find a job in the Premier League soon to make this pun worthwhile

Show me the Mane


Never take BruNO as an answer

And never underestimate the new linchpin of United’s midfield


The Fulham forward reminds us of why we need to win FPL mini-leagues some time.

Cannon Foden

Ok, a rather negative team name but we need to honour City’s new sensation.

Chili con Cairney

The Scot has probably heard this pun his whole life so…. #onemoretime

3. Werner Brothers

The next Chelsea forward goes straight into our top 3 with a reference to a top media conglomerate.

Werner Brother

2. Pope saves Jesus’ crosses

We love this religious reference and look forward to this fixture =)

Pope saves Jesus crosses

1. Ings-credible

With a last name as Ings you are probably get many punny remarks throughout your life so here’s one more to honour the Saints’ front man – onward to another Ings-credible FPL season, mate.





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