2020/21 FPL Team Preview: Everton

FPL Team Preview: Everton

FPL Team Preview: Everton

Last season as a Liverpool fan, I was very happy to see Everton finished in the bottom half of the table while we won the League. It was Ancelotti’s first season at the helm of Everton and he led them to Everton’s lowest finish in the last 6 seasons. I do expect a huge improvement this season from Everton especially with some of the signings they have made and who they are currently linked to, if they get any of the players they are linked to and Ancelotti can possibly get the team to gel quite quickly this season then they could possibly push for a Europa League spot.

In regards to Fantasy Premier League Richarlison was Everton’s top scorer with 165 points followed by Calvert Lewin with 126 points. Everton scored 44 goals and conceded 56 goals last season. Everton only kept 9 clean sheets last season, 5 clean sheets down on the previous season. Luca Digne led Everton with 8 assists last season from Left Back.


There are only two Everton players that stick out to me and one of them hasn’t even signed for the club yet, let’s hope he does and Everton can be a little competitive this season. The two players I will be considering is Richarlison and James Rodriguez, yes I know lots of people will be like James Rodriguez hasn’t signed and we don’t know what price he will be but looking at it he will probably be around the same as what Bruno Fernandes started at which was 8.0 anymore than I reckon it’s highway robbery.

Richarlison is a Forward this season but that still doesn’t put me off him as he is a very good player and will be around the same mark as last season. Take into account that Everton are still playing around in the Transfer Window and have potential to also buy Allan from Napoli as he wants to reunite with Carlo Ancelotti just like Rodriguez does. Both players would suit Everton really well. I don’t think Pickford will be as good as he was the season after the World Cup but could potentially improve, there are better keepers around the 4.5, 5.0 and 5.5m mark. If Ancelotti can fix Everton’s defence then Lucas Digne could be an option, but if Everton go conceding 5 to Liverpool again I will be a happy man even if I have Digne in my team and he loses me 2 or 3 points for that game.

First 5 games for Everton FC:

  • Spurs (A)
  • WBA (H)
  • Palace (A)
  • Brighton (H)
  • Liverpool (H)


Everton do have 3 favourable fixtures in between Spurs and the Merseyside Derby. Spurs away will be difficult and The Reds at home will be feisty.  I would definitely look at Richarlison and apparently Everton are linked to James Rodrigues, if Rodriguez is bought by Everton then definitely consider him in your team.


Jordan Pickford (5.0): He had a great World Cup back in 2018, started the 2018/19 season okay but finished it off very well for a point accumulation of 161 playing every game. Last season 2019/20 he played every minute but only scoring 117 points. He pulled of 94 saves in both previous seasons, but conceded more goals last season compared to the season before. I watched a number of Everton games and highlights from most of the games and I believe some of the goals he conceded he possibly should of saved them. I do believe he should score more points this season compared to last season, definitely keep an eye on him as he is a very good keeper even if “he can’t touch the cross bar”.


Lucas Digne (6.0): As it was the norm for Everton last season, Digne was down on his numbers from the previous season. Last season he 120 points contributing 8 assists and 9 clean sheets. In his first season in the premier league in 2018/19 he scored 158 points but only contributed 4 goals and 5 assists. He improved in assists but just couldn’t find a goal. This season he will be around the 140 mark and 6.0 that is a steal. But just look at the fixtures and transfer him in and out when needed. Digne is currently in 6.6% of teams.

Jarrad Branthwaite (4.0): The young CB could possibly push himself into Everton’s senior squad this season, we have already seen him play a couple of friendlies where he has been pretty okay. Last season he played in League Two for Carlisle United for the first half of the season then moved to Everton in the Winter transfer window, he was with the under 21s then made his move into the first team for the last four games of the season where he came off the bench in two and started the other two. He was in the squad but was an unused substitute.

He scored 1 goal for Carlisle in the EFL trophy last season. If he is in the main squad this season and plays CB he is definitely a cheap option for your bench but I’d only expect a 1 or 2 points from him if he plays, but make sure he is 3rd on your bench too.


Gylfi Sigurdsson (7.0): He didn’t reach the heights he did in previous seasons, he scored less than 100 points and he was also down on goal contributions with only 6 last season compared to 19 the season before. He played 600 less minutes last season compared to 2018/19. He was also involved in the friendly Everton recently played where he played more as a defensive midfielder than an attacking one. If Everton get the two midfielders they are after Allan and James Rodriguez then Sigurdsson might be able to move into his attacking midfielder role. But don’t expect a score of 160 plus likes done before but expect him to hit triple figures, but if Ancelotti prefers him playing as defensive minded midfielder then he may not reach those heights.

I still reckon 7.0m is a lot when there are better midfielders for less that have more scoring potential than Gylfi unfortunately. This move from Ancelotti reminds me of when Pirlo was played as Defensive midfielder at Milan but had the role of Deep Lying Playmaker, possibly Ancelotti sees the same in Sigurdsson. Also is on set pieces for Everton which does help with his assists and direct free kicks.

Theo Walcott (6.0): Since joining from Arsenal a few seasons ago, he really hasn’t had a chance to show his full potential. He only played 1200 minutes last season, was yoyo-ed in and out of the squad and couldn’t put many games together. He scored 63 points last season starting 17 times and coming off the bench 8 times, he contributed 2 goals and 4 assists. At 6.0m he is definitely not worth it unfortunately but I believe if he gets a good run he will improve on his FPL output.


Dominic Calvert-Lewin (7.0): This guy game into the radar early on last season, even though I despise Everton this guy was in my team from January till the end of the season. He improved a lot last season from the season before and became Ancelotti’s striker alongside Richarlison. He gave his FPL managers a return of 126 points (13 goals and 1 assist). This season if he plays as many minutes as possible and instead of being first choice sub off can push to 75 minutes average per game then there is an upside to DCL. He could easily improve on last season. 7.0m is around the mark if your looking for a balanced front 2 or 3. He is currently owned by just over 10% of coaches.

Richarlison (8.0): Ever since Richarlison moved to Everton and was reunited with Marco Silva for a while he always some how makes it into my team. He returned a score of 165 points for his managers which was 12 points better off than the season before, which in both seasons he scored 13 goals, but had two more assists with 5 last season compared to 3 in the previous season. But a huge note needs to be taken into consideration because he has been a midfielder but this season he is now a forward, which means that a goal is only worth 4 points instead of the 5 he was getting last season. But it shouldn’t really affect the FPL output for him,

I believe he will be around the same mark as last season in regards to points scored but could improve to 15 goals. If I had to choose between Lacazette and Richarlison it might just be Richarlison as he is 0.5 cheaper but they both have the same output in scoring. Use that 0.5 somewhere else to upgrade a player that you believe is value but 0.5 could get you that premium midfielder or striker.


Prediction 7th-10th



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