2020/21 FPL Team Preview: Spurs

FPL Team Preview: Spurs

FPL Team Preview: Spurs

If I’m being honest it wasn’t a good look for Spurs at the end of last season when we saw Mourinho celebrate qualifying for the Europa League when recently they have been playing in the Champions League Final just a year ago. They have been thereabouts for a number of seasons but erratic form and a change in management had seen them fall from their heights last term.

They finished 2019/20 6th and scored 61 goals – they should improve this year with Mourinho in charge.

With regards to FPL Son was Spurs highest scorer with 169 points from 2478 minutes. Kane was second highest score with 158 points but they recently brought in Doherty from Wolves who scored 167 points. Spurs had 5 players over 100 points. With Lloris and Alderweireld on 98 and 97 points, I reckon this season Spurs will do the same in regards to FPL with both Son and Kane possibly hitting the 200 points mark.

Spurs opening 5 fixtures are:

  • Everton (H)
  • Southampton (A)
  • Newcastle (H)
  • Manchester United (A)
  • West Ham United (H)

In Spurs’ opening 5 games they only face one top 4 teams from last season and then don’t play anyone difficult again until they play Manchester City in GW09. Then from GW09 to GW13 they face, City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Palace and Liverpool. However, they do have three rounds of Europa League qualifiers to negotiate so monitor carefully on how Mourinho utilises his squad.


I would be looking at trying to maximise 3 Spurs players for the opening 8 games and then just rotate when they played Manchester United. Otherwise, it may seem worthy to load up on Spurs players until you play your first wildcard.


Hugo Lloris (5.5): Unfortunately last season he found himself only playing about half the fixtures – 21 games and 1808 minutes. He missed 15 games due to an elbow injury from October to January. He conceded only 21 goals, which is 1 goal a game but kept 6 clean sheets, while producing 80 saves. He most very likely be my keeper in my team.


Matt Doherty (6.0): A huge surprise to see Doherty move from Wolves to Spurs, hopefully we see him start every game and instead of Aurier. For Wolves last season he scored 167 points scoring 4 goals and contributing 8 assists while being involved in 12 clean sheets only conceding 31 goals all season. He is a very solid option, but only if you can afford him as lots of other coaches are going TAA and then a cheaper defence to load up on midfielders and strikers, he currently is 2nd highest owned defender with 26.2% ownership.

FPL Team Preview: Spurs

Ben Davies (5.0): Davis was one of the regular Spurs starters who was injured for a period of time last season. He missed 12 games due to an ankle injury. He played only 1430 minutes last season being involved in 24 games, starting 16 times while coming off the bench only twice and was an unused substitute on 8 occasions. He scored only 41 points which is quite low for a player of his standard, he does have competition from both Sessegnon and Rose. He was involved in 4 clean sheets and didn’t have any goal contributions


Heung-Min Son (9.0): I feel like this guy has a place in every person’s heart even if you’re not a Spurs supporter (or Korean). Son would possibly be my favourite player who doesn’t play for Liverpool. Last season he was Tottenham’s top scorer as mentioned earlier. He scored 169 points from 2479 minutes. He scored 11 goals and provided 13 assists, definitely keep him on your watch list. He is currently in 28.5% of teams and I reckon that will keep rising before Saturday.

FPL GW31+ Stats and Preview

Dele Alli (8.0): Last season he picked up a couple of injuries but when he played he was very good for Spurs. He played 1845 minutes, being involved in the squad 28 times, starting 21 times, used as a sub 4 times and was an unused substitute on 3 occasions, he also missed 5 games due injury. He scored 117 points which is a very good return for a player who played less than 2000 minutes. He produced 8 goals and 6 assists, a big improvement on what he produced in the 2018/19 season. If he is healthy and fit and in the squad then definitely consider him.

Lucas Moura (7.0): Every Spurs fan will remember Lucas Moura’s second half performance in the Champions League semi-final of 2018 away at Ajax by scoring when his hat-trick sent Spurs into the Final. Last season I did have him in my team when Kane was out hoping he would start up front or receive extra minutes. He scored exactly 100 points from 2235 points contributing 4 goals and 5 assists. He didn’t improve on his score from the previous season. Currently in 3.1% of teams, he should have that percentage increase by the start of the season.


Harry Kane (10.5): Kane is currently the only forward option for Spurs. He missed 9 games last season through a ruptured thigh muscle. He scored 158 points from 2588 minutes while providing 2 assists and scoring 18 goals. If he stays fit and healthy he will be back in the 20-goal bracket and improve his FPL score by at least 15 points. I will try and fit him into my super expensive team (at this stage) somehow, he will most probably be leading the Golden Goot by Gameweek 8. Currently in 15.8% of teams, might rise to 20% soon.



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