Should I use my FPL Wildcard on GW02?

FPL Wildcard on GW02

FPL Wildcard on GW02

The talk of the FPL town since early August is the possible utilisation of the FPL Wildcard on GW02.

We study the case for and against:

FPL Wildcard on GW02 – Case for

  • <Blank> fixtures for 4 teams.

Many FPL managers would have left out players from 4 teams, as they are have a <blank> gameweek. It complicates things further when two of the quartet are the Manchester sides – both are likely to win a lot of games this season. Using wildcard on GW02 would enable you to bring in your Man Utd and Man City assets, a few of them whom should be in your team for a season long.

  • Shorter first half of the season.

In most other FPL seasons, the use of the second wildcard usually comes at the GW19-mark, significant as it sort of split the season into 2 halves. This time round, due to a later start of the season, the second wildcard can be used from GW16 onward, 3 gameweeks earlier. This is a case for using your first wildcard earlier as well, since you have fewer gameweeks to go before you can utilise you next.

FPL Wildcard on GW02 – Case against

  • Transfer Window open until October

This year, the Summer Transfer Window remains open util 5th October ie after GW04. Last season, the window was shut before the season started. Suffice to say all clubs can and will have player movements from now till then. Using a wildcard on GW02 seems kind of premature given that some top players may still move away from the Premier League.

  • “Corona Chip” situation

When in doubt, remember the Corona Chip Strategy. The COVID-19 situation in Europe is actually getting worse, not better. France, Spain and the UK have seen huge spikes in cases so the reality is we are looking at how to deal with this situation, rather than for it to end. The Premier League season may have started somewhat smoothly but there is every possibility of things happening in the future – mass quarantine, postponed fixtures and more double gameweeks. Wildcard is a chip for us to deal with uncertainties – would it not be more prudent to hold it in reserve and use it on a (very) rainy day?


FPL Wildcard on GW02 – Do it Early!

If you are dead set on using your wildcard on GW02, we it EARLY. Lock in players who are already very popular (like Willian, KDB, etc) before their price rises.

FPL Wildcard on GW02 – Possible XV

Here is suggested Wildcard squad (come back for the latest picks)


Pope saves Jesus crosses

  • Pope (BUR | 5.5)
  • Areola (FUL | 4.5)


  1. TAA (LIV | 7.5)
  2. Doherty (TOT | 6.0)
  3. Digne (EVE | 6.0)
  4. Maguire (MNU | 6.0)
  5. Taylor (BUR | 4.5)


Most Popular FPL Players - KDB

  • KDB (MCI | 11.5)
  • Pulisic (CHE | 8.5)
  • Rodriguez (EVE | 7.5)
  • Zaha (CRY | 7.0)
  • Burke (SHU | 4.5)


  • Martial (MNU | 9.0)
  • Wilson (NEW | 6.5)
  • Mitrovic (FUL | 6.0)

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