Alternative FPL Chips: The FPL Chips We Want (but will never get)

Alternative FPL Chips

Alternative FPL Chips

If you are reading this we assume that you have a certain level of understanding of how Fantasy Premier League works so we will not further explain how the four current available chips in the game works. Triple Captain, Bench Boost, Free Hit and the Wildcard are all simple chips which managers can utilise once (or twice for wildcards) over the course of the season.

We have, however, a full list of other chips in mind which we secretly hope to see FPL implement soon.


Maximum Captain

This proposed chip is self-explanatory. In the recent concluded FIFA World Cup Fantasy, this was actual one of the chips on offer. In a nutshell, utilising this chip will allow the captain of the week be automatically chosen for the manager – the player with the most points will be made captain and have his points tally doubled. This is good for weeks when you have two top players facing relatively easy fixtures and you cannot choose between them. Naturally, this is also a superb chip for double game weeks.

Top Eleven

This chip is similar to Maximum Captain, except that it automatically chooses your highest scoring XI for you. Good for game weeks immediately after wildcards. Eliminates the painful instances when you have a high scoring bench that does not get subbed in.

Goal Spree

This Goal Spree chip doubles the points  received for goals scored during the game week. Again, it would be a superb chip to have over double game weeks where goals are expected to pour down. Could be particularly useful for GW38, when we expect goals to rain.

One-team special (Free Hit)

This proposed chip is an extension of the Free Hit chip, ie your squad will revert back to the previous game week’s after its utilisation. The variant here is that you have to select ONE team before the gameweek starts and ONLY players from this team scores points for you. For example, if you select Manchester City upon using this chip, only City players score points for you that gameweek. However, as selecting all City players in your 15 would burst your budget, you will need to insert a couple of players from other teams to fit.

This chip would be useful in a gameweek when a top side faces a poor team at home, where goals and a clean sheet can be expected. It comes with its risks of course – there could be a chance of an upset and you end up with less than 20 pts.

Burn a chip for Cash in Bank

In the current game, chips can only be used and have no other value whatsoever. We are proposing that an option gets created – a manager can accept choose to “burn” a chip at any stage of the season, in return for say 0.5m cash in the bank. This option adds an entirely different dimension to the game and allows managers to really ponder through the options before utilising any chips.

“Bus” Special (AKA the Mourinho Chip)

United fans will get excited over this. We are proposing a defence-focused chip, where upon utilisation, points from clean sheets are doubled. This chip is good for managers who often select very defensive minded players and play 5 defenders week in week out.


Feel free to post your comments below or challenge us. You can send in your squad and ask for feedback. We would even welcome anyone who thinks they are good enough to challenge us.


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