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We speak to our newest kid on the block – UCL Fantasy Goal, who would be our resident UCL Fantasy expert columnist this season.

Check out his introductory piece on how to play UCL Fantasy. Spoiler Alert: There are differences from FPL!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi I’m Aaron, also known as UCLFantasyGoal on Twitter.

I live and work in Ireland as a Customer Service Representative.

I have decided to run a Fantasy UCL account for the upcoming season, as I see a gap in the market.

Hi Aaron, which club do you follow?

I am a Manchester United fan, having supported them from the age of 9.

I am a big fan of Sir Alex, not so much Ed Woodward or the Glazers, but I am not going into that, otherwise I would be here too long.

Any FPL history to share?

No UCL Fantasy history to share, as this is our first season playing, so come back to us when the season is over.

In terms of FPL History, I have been playing for over a decade now in FPL. My highest rank that I achieved is top 300,000 and to this day, I have not been able to beat it.

I am a perceived casual, I know not many of you like casual’s, but I am the dreaded casual. Hopefully, that will not be the same as UCL Fantasy.

What are your early thoughts on UCL this season?

How to play UCL Fantasy

My early thoughts on UCL and UCL Fantasy starting with the Fantasy game, so back to front. It will definitely be like FPL starting off. We won’t be able to handle it and will be scrambling for cheap options for our sides.

There will be goals aplenty and most of them will be away, so pick away coverage.

Is the UCL missing any top teams this year?

FPL GW03 Wildcard

In terms of teams we believe are good enough to be in the Champions League, but unfortunately do not include AS Roma, Bayer Leverkusen, Valencia and Tottenham Hotspur. While we are on English clubs, I would love to see Everton in the Champions League, next season.

Who (player and /or club) do you think will flop awfully in UCL?

There are definitely one team that I see as potential flops, Manchester United. They face PSG and RB Leipzig in their group. These two teams reached the latter stages of the Champions League last season.

FPL Bandwagon GW01

Manchester United are in the perceived group of death and they could be the ones who get killed off.

Who (player and /or club) do you think will spring a surprise?

Zenit St Petersburg, being in a pretty even group, could surprise a few teams. Their group also consists of Borussia Dortmund and Lazio. I do not know much about Zenit (yet), but they are a consistent Champions League team who we could see getting out of the group along with Dortmund.

Lastly, pick the winner this year?

I’m not going to pick a winner, I’ll pick the last four and you can make sure own decisions off of them.

  • Bayern Munich
  • Manchester City
  • Liverpool
  • Atletico Madrid



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