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Top UCL Fantasy Strategy

UCL Fantasy Strategy

Of course, there is no possible way I know what will happen in this season’s Champions League BUT we can make estimates, guesses, predictions to figure out what the best strategy to adopt might be.

Firstly, you may want to read about how to play UCL Fantasy. Read my profile too!

So, where to start? Let’s have a look at the last year’s top point scorers…

UCL Fantasy Strategy #1 – Past Statistics

So why am I taking a look at last year’s highest point scorers? Because it will give us an idea where the value is and what players and positions to target. Therefore, giving us an idea of the best strategy.

The top point scorers last year:

  • Lewandowski (£12m) – 104 points – ppm (points per million) = 8.6
  • Gnabry (£10m) – 79 points – ppm = 7.9
  • Marquinhos Bernat (£5.5m) – 70 points – ppm = 12.7
  • Kimmich (£6.5m) – 68 points – ppm = 10.5
  • Sterling (£10.5m) – 61 points – ppm = 5.8

This shows that despite being top point scorer by 25 points and with a ppm of 8.6, you can get Marquinhos and Kimmich for £0.5m less with a total ppm of 23.2. By no means am I saying you should not have Lewandowski in your teams BUT I do think having few high priced attackers/midfielders will be the way to go as we can fill our back lines with the premium defenders.

So, I have told you that big at the back could be the way to go but I haven’t told you what teams to target. So, let’s take a look:

  • Atletico Madrid always a solid unit defensively and are criminally under-priced at £4.5m. However, they do have Bayern and Salzburg in their group – two very attacking teams.
  • Bayern. Not much needs to be said here really. Best team in the world and have attacking return potential from the defence.
  • In Group B, the likes of Inter Milan and Real Madrid provide OK defensive assets but there are much better options elsewhere. Hakimi and Ramos best ones.
  • Manchester City have a fairly easy group but Pep rotation makes them very unreliable except Ederson. Porto, Marseille and Olympiacos are all capable of upsets though and City have looked shaky at the back.
  • Liverpool, despite conceding 7 to Aston Villa, will return to their former self soon. So, Trent and Robertson look nicely priced at £6.5m.
  • Atalanta aren’t known for their clean sheets but Gosens and Hateboer will definitely pick up attacking returns.
  • Chelsea and Sevilla in Group E will most likely dominate Rennes and Krasnodar so assets from them will pick up points both from clean sheets and attacking returns.
  • In Group F, I am not particularly excited by any defensive assets but Lazzari from Lazio could be a good asset playing as a RWB.
  • Barcelona and Juventus seem to lack many good defensive assets but Dest could be a very nice option at £5.0m if he adapts to Barcelona’s system well. Szczesny also a decent GK option.
  • The Group of death with PSG, Manchester United and Leipzig wipes out a lot of good assets as clean sheets will be hard to come by. Telles, Bernat, Marquinhos and Angelino still good options. Make sure to target Istanbul!

For reference, my defence is Alphonso Davies (£6.0m), Andy Robertson (£6.5m), Ben Chillwell (£5.5m), Felipe (£4.5m) and JulesKounde (£4.0m). GKs are Ederson (£6.0m) and Kerzhakov (£4.5m). 

UCL Fantasy Strategy #2 – All-round Teams

BUT what about other strategies? Well, what about having an all-round team – as you are able to make subs after each Matchday, would it be smart to have an all-round team rather than having £4.5m players on your bench? Potentially viable. Here is why…

Doing a tiny bit of maths will show how this could be a viable strategy.

If you do 100 ÷ 15, you get roughly 6.5. So therefore an average price of 6.5m per player. But with defenders only costing a maximum of £6.5m, having a strong bench is easily achievable. You may have to sacrifice a big name BUT if you pick your cheaper attacker/midfielder well, you can rise up them ranks.

Executing this strategy effectively is hard but it can be very effective if it pays off. Having to sacrifice a Haaland or a Sterling seems hard but if it can get that £4.5m player on your bench to a £6.5m player it may be worth it. Certainly, food for thought this strategy!

UCL Fantasy Strategy #3 – Matchweek 2 Wildcard

Another interesting strategy would be a Matchweek 2 Wildcard.

Targeting them easy week 1 fixtures for certain teams such as RB Salzburg and Barcelona but not necessarily wanting them for the rest of the group stages seems like a smart idea with league form already to base good assets from.

Something definitely in consideration for my team but an early Wildcard like this could leave you in trouble if you miss a couple of teams that perform well and can’t Wildcard to get them in. Definitely one for the risky players this one!

UCL Fantasy Strategy #4 – Penalty Takers

Top UCL Fantasy Strategy

Now, hear me out on this next one… penalty taker XI.

With an increase in number of penalties given this season it seems like the penalty takers could make them the players to target. This makes Lewandowski and Haaland even better options and turns others into options. However, I wouldn’t pick a player just because they are on penalties, I see it as more of an added bonus.

So, after having read this, what strategy are you using? Big at the back? Bolstering attack? Strong bench? The one week punt team? Or even targeting the Penalty takers?

Good luck with whatever strategy you choose and just remember to have fun!


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