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Check your FPL standings live

Check your FPL rankings live!

It’s late on a Saturday. Half the week’s Premier League fixtures have been played. You scan the mini-league standings frantically, tabulating scores of your rivals, checking if they had taken a hit that week. You check the next rival. You lose count. You get frustrated. You go to bed not knowing if you have now seized the lead.

Sounds familiar? We have just found the perfect FPL web app for FPL fanatics like ourselves.

Live FPL Tables

Live FPL Tables is a web app where you can see how you are performing in your classic mini-leagues in real-time.

This includes auto-subs, vice captain points when your captain doesn’t play and bonus points. You don’t have to wait for hours after the last fixture of the day before the official site updates the tables, or wait until all the fixtures have played to see your sub points.

All you have to do is locate your FPL team id, key it in and the app will pretty much do the rest.

The Creator

Live FPL Tables is created by Andrew, a web developer from London.

He is  a long-suffering Sheffield Wednesday supporter and have been playing FPL since the 2006/07 season.

His highest ever finish was 48k in 08/09 but he has managed to win the company mini-league everywhere he has worked.

He plays FPL with a self-imposed handicap as he refuses to ever own any players from Tottenham or Sheffield United due to his deep dislike of these teams. Over the years the likes of Bale, Kane, Son, Lundstram and (Dean) Henderson have really hurt his team’s performance!

(FFtitan: well, at least you don’t have to worry about Sheff Utd this season!)


The other Apps out there

There are a lot of really good alternatives out there, but there isn’t any that looked and worked especially well on mobile devices.

The other sites also didn’t feel especially accessible to casual players and Andrew wanted something that his wife could use as she is new to FPL and doesn’t really follow football. So the focus is on trying to come up with an intuitive web app which offers a strong user experience for mobile users.

Also, by focusing on just offering live tables, users shouldn’t be overwhelmed with lots of different content/functionality/stats.

The features to come

Andrew has a long to do list with the site, but decided to stay focused on offering the best live tables experience so there are no plans on adding too many large-scale changes to the core experience.

The majority of the planned features such as live bonus points (which you can optionally apply whilst matches are still ongoing otherwise they will be added at the full-time whistle), team chip use, transfer summaries and dark mode support are currently in place.

Currently the site only works with classic leagues so a natural progression would be to support head to head leagues as well. One feature in the pipeline in is the ability to create custom leagues outside of the official site so you can compare yourself to other managers who you might not actually be in a league with.

However, for the time being the focus will be on improving the core experience and fixing any bugs that crop up.

The future

Andrew is not planning on monetising although users can make a donation if they like the site.

That might all change if the site becomes very popular as he might need to bring in money to help cover the running costs.

One idea at this stage is to have advertising boards around the pitch of the team summary view and sell that instead of using conventional web ad networks.

Leave us a comment if you have any feedback!


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