What is the FPL Free Hit – and when to use it

 FPL Free Hit

We have a quick FAQ on the FPL Free Hit.

What is FPL Free Hit?

FPL Free Hit Chip allows managers to make unlimited transfers for that respective Gameweek only. For the next Gameweek, your original squad is back. In short words, Free Hit Chip is a one-week bonus chip which is used to navigate blank/maximize double GW’s. It can be activated while confirming the transfers.

We consider the Free Hit one of the more important chips in the FPL season – using it wisely on a difficult gameweek can potentially generate much gains over your rivals.

FPL Free Hit Rules/FAQs:

How many times can I use the Free Hit chip in a single FPL season?

Only once! Yeah. So make sure you time it right and continue reading the blog!

FPL Free Hit vs Wildcard :

FPL Wildcard 2020

There is certainly some similarities and big differences between free hit and wildcard in FPL. Free Hit is similar to Wildcard but it lasts for only one week. Your original squad comes back for the next game week in free hit, but in wildcard, it does not. Wildcard is more like a long term solution while Free Hit is a one week remedy generally used to overcome blank gameweeks.

Can I activate Free Hit after making transfers for that week?

Yes, you can. Your points won’t be deducted in case you have taken hits.

Can I change my mind after activating the chip?

NO! So carefully scroll down to find which is the best time to play the FPL Free Hit.

FPL Free Hit: Cheat codes/simple tricks:

Invest heavily in your playing 11:

You will have a 100M budget to select 15 players but make sure to spend the maximum in your playing eleven. This is because your substitutes count for nothing during Free Hit. So, make sure to have some of those lowest-priced players in your bench (3.9 for GK etc)

Your transfers won’t be carried over to the next week even if you have two free transfers:

The next GW after you play the Free Hit, you will have one free transfer.

So for the gameweek before using your Free Hit, make sure you don’t roll your FT over.

Don’t play the Free Hit Chip out of frustration/injury crisis:

Free Hit Chip is best suited to navigate Blank Gameweeks and maximize Double Gameweeks.

The Big Question: When is the best time to play the FPL Free Hit Chip?

Generally, definitely use it on a DGW or a week with a lot of <blank> fixtures due to the FA Cup etc.

For the 2020/21 season,GW18 only have 6 fixtures, while GW19 is a DGW with 16 fixtures.

GW29 and GW32 are scheduled concurrently with the FA Cup Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals so we expect several teams to have a <blank> fixture.


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