FPL BGW18 Review

FPL BGW18 Review

FPL BGW18 Review

The first major blank gameweek of the FPL season is finally over.

Looking back at the results, I would like to touch on this topic which I first read on the Football Fantasy Scout – Understanding the difference between bad FPL decisions and bad outcomes.

Here are examples of players transferred in which can be classified as good or bad FPL decisions for me.

FPL BGW18 Review – Lacazette (ARS)

FPL GW18 Stats

Lacazette scored 4 goals between GW15-17. The potential was there for him to do well but he blanked. To me, this was a good FPL decision made to bring him into your team but it resulted in a bad FPL outcome.

Tierney (ARS)

FPL BGW18 Free Hit

He had a monster 18 points in GW17 and many people brought in him, either through the Free hit chip or using free transfers.

However, he played 120mins for Arsenal in their FA cup win which meant that he was a rotation risk. Therefore to me, it was a bad FPL decision. But kudos to those managers who selected a back-up defender for him. And depending on who is the back up defender, it brought about a good outcome (Mitchell) or an ok outcome (Lowton).

Wilson (NEW)

callum wilson

He has not scored in his 3 previous games but we know that he is going to be in a lot of free hit teams. So to me, if you want to protect a lead, it was a good FPL decision to bring him in.

He nonetheless blanked against a Sheff Utd side.

Captaining Bruno/Son

To some managers, this looked like bad decision in retrospective.

However, I see it as a good FPL decision, as both of them could have done as well as De Bruyne/Kane. It was merely a bad outcome.

Saka or Maguire

15 minutes before the deadline, I was torn between choosing Saka or Maguire. On hindsight, it seemed that Maguire was the right choice. But to me, both are good FPL decisions to me, as Saka has a good chance of attacking returns where Maguire is likely to get a clean sheet.

Saka of course returned nothing offensively and Maguire returned a clean sheet.


My conclusion

There are many more examples but I think as FPL manager, you should try to make good FPL decisions, but also accept the fact that a good FPL decisions may have a bad outcome. The more good FPL decisions you make over the season, the better your season should become.

Do not get too stressed up over the bad outcomes you may be having this season. Watch your mental health.

Look back and see if they were a result of good or bad FPL decisions.



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