FPL GW25 Captain Picks – by FF Titans Panel

FPL GW25 Captain

FPL GW25 Captain

Another DGW is here on GW25 – we convene our panel for their views on captaincy againL

FPL GW25 Captain

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FPL GW06 Review

It feels wrong to captain someone with only one match in a DGW so it’s between Bamford and Ings for me. Given Southampton’s wretched form, I’ll go with Bamford (6.9)

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I’m going with Bamford (6.9), I’ll always go for a DGW player, and while Wolves are a difficult opponent, Southampton have the much harder 1st match v Chelsea who have conceded just 1 goal since Tuchel arrived in GW20. Bamford also has penalties and you just know he’s captaining himself in FPL too. Get us some points Pat!

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FPL DGW25 Stats

For my captain, I’ve currently got it hovering over Raphinha (5.4). Everything Leeds do goes through him, and with Southampton having tough times at the moment, it only increases the appeal.

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I currently have the armband on Bamford (6.9), although it is continually flitting between him and Raphinha. There’s not much in the stats between them over the last 4 game weeks. Bamford is getting more shots in the box and higher quality chances, which is why I am edging towards him. If I am being honest, my gut is saying Raphinha and my brain is saying Bamford. In this topsy-turvy season, I am not sure which I trust. This one will go down to the wire.

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Danny Ings (8.4) for the double Gameweek boost. Having scored 1 last time out, he will be looking to bang in more goals against the defences of both Chelsea and Leeds.

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This will go down to the wire but marginally leaning towards Ings (8.4). While I expect Leeds to score more, the goals for Leeds gets spread out among different players given their multiple attacking outlets. But for Southampton, Ings should be involved in everything they do. Still undecided.

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It’s a tough call this week. Raphinha is a great differential pick having returned in each of his last 5 games and only 5.2% ownership. Danny Ings is Southampton’s talisman and main source of goals. But his injury issues worry me. So going with the tried and trusted Patrick Bamford (6.9) as the captain pick this week.

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We are going to be conservative and pick a captain with a DGW. Raphinha (5.4) and Bamford (6.9) stand out as top candidate and we are going with Bamford, as he has the tendency to be more explosive in his returns. Leeds have two wannable games and we hope Bamford’s recent haul of 2 goals and 3 assists in his last 4 games can be extended!

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Raphinha (5.4) for me with 2 goals and 4 assists in his last 5 games and a DGW against Wolves and Southampton side that have not kept a Clean sheets sheet since gw17, conceding 21 goals in the 6 matches since. Also a differential against the Bamford captainers.

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This is not far off a coin toss (or a cat pick) but on balance and given i think both Ings and Bamford will score when they face off together i look at the second matchup. Leeds play Wolves, Southampton play Chelsea, this tips it over to the safer pick in Bamford (6.9) who also tops the FPL Mariner Metric – owning Ings may be differential enough.

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For this double game week 25, Bamford (6.9) looks like a great option for a Leeds side who loves to play attacking football.


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