Grealish Injury News Leaked by FPL

Grealish Injury News Leaked by FPL

Grealish Injury News Leaked by FPL

It has been reported that the news of Jack Grealish’s training ground injury had been leaked by FPL inadvertently.

Aston Villa lost 2-1 to Leicester at home in GW25, with club captain Grealish missing for the first time in 50 Premier League games.

FPL Team Preview: aston Villa

After the game, Villa manager said that Leicester had “certainly” benefitted from the news and will be investigating the source of the team. Villa had obviously wanted to keep this piece of news under wraps and Smith had given no indication whatsoever of this injury during his pre-game interviews.

Transfers OUT

Leading up to the weekend, there have been rife rurmours going around on social media about Grealish’s potential absence. Firstly, a viral tweet posted on Friday night suggested that multiple “insiders”, including Villa players and the physio transferred Grealish out of their FPL teams.

This raised eyebrows and is particularly eerie, given that FPL teams are not revealed until after transfer deadlines.

Reddit Community

To add meat to this rumour, some eagle-eyed members of 365,000-strong FPL community on Reddit commented that Grealish was not seen in latest training pictures released by the club.

We all appreciate the power of sway of the Reddit community after what has happened with Gamestop. There is quite similar nothing to stop the release of information via that channel.

Editors’ Take

In this day and age there is no stopping the sharing of information. We do not actually believe that opponents can “take advantage” of team news ahead of time – look at Marcelo Bielsa at Leeds.

Aftermath (updated)

In the immediate aftermath. it has been reported that all Villa players have been banned from Fantasy Premier League.

FPL Insider’s tweet has been mentioned in the breaking news, confirming its influence in the FPL community.




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