FPL Cup Last 512 Update

FPL Cup Last 512 

FPL Cup Last 512

For a huge majority of us FPL managers, the FPL Cup is a memory of a distant past. The Cup started with qualification on GW16 and has since gone through 13 rounds of elimination.

A mere 512 teams are left in the running. That is actually just 0.006% of all the managers registered. For all the managers still in the running, each of them have a probability of 0.002% to win it on GW38.

We spoke to two FPL managers who are still in the running.

FPL Cup Last 512 – Patrick Beare 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Moss Lane Wanders (team id:1616795)

Patrick is a 20-year-old music student based in Manchester. As at GW29, Patrick’s team has 1895pts and has an OR of ~38k.

FPL History

Patrick has had a team in FPL since the 2011/12 season and finished around ~500k in 2012/13 but this is the first season he has “taken FPL seriously”.

His current ranking is his best ever in the game.

For as far as he can remember, he has never actually been in the FPL Cup (or bothered to check!) so this is genuinely beginners’ luck for him.

Cup Run so far

Patrick navigated the first two rounds of the FPL Cup rather comfortably and sneaked through with a 88-87 win on GW19. Over that Gameweek, he won as his opponent had Watkins who lost a BP in the closing minutes of the match (against Newcastle).

GW23 was the highlight of his journey.

Patrick was 16 points behind with just the Leeds – Crystal Palace match to go, but Bamford scored and Meslier kept a clean sheet (+3BP) and a save point. He tied 73-73 with his opponent before progressing thanks to more goals scored.

In GW30, he is up against Poland’s Kamil Rządca (team id: 1499837), who is ~196k in OR.

Cup Strategy

Patrick shared with us that he had actually thought that every week would be the week he would be eliminated but he is still enjoying his amazing Cup run to date.

He is more focused on finishing with a good OR and winning his mini-leagues but admitted that his current run has made him consider shifting his focus.

On his opponents, he admits that he do check their chip status to see if they would use chips like Bench Boost or Free Hit, but is not otherwise he is not too concerned since “there is nothing he can do about it”. He instead focuses on his own team and hope for the best.

FPL Cup Last 512 – Gil Mathijs 🇧🇪

Gilou’s Ultimate XI (team id:170653)

Gil is 26 and is based in Mechelen, Belgium. His current ranking is ~500k.

FPL History

He has been playing FPL for 5 years now after he was introduced to it by a friend from colleage.

It was Euro 2016 then, he played the related fantasy game and made his transition into FPL. For the first 4 years running he finished around 500K. The highlight for him was the 18/19 season where he finished top 25k, but sadly it wasn’t enough to win any of his (very competitive) mini-leagues.

This is by far the furthest he has ever progressed in the FPL Cup – his best run previously lasted 2 rounds.

Cup Run so far

For Gil, his most memorable Cup victory was in GW25 where he won 84-82.

The last game of that GW was Leeds vs Southampton (3-0 for Leeds). He had Bamford, Raphinha and Dallas; his opponent had only Bamford and Dallas. He needed Raphinha not to blank. It was all nerves but in the end Raphinha’s 12 points won him the tie.

FPL DGW25 Stats

That was his narrowest victory in his run to date, in GW26 he won by a whopping 33pts when he used his Triple Captain chip (on Kane)

Next up, he is against Bandile Ntluko from South Africa, who is ranked 73k in OR.

Cup Strategy

Gil noted that his opponents’ teams have been getting more similar in the latter stages of the Cup. He feels his run may continue a couple more rounds but thereafter he would be at the mercy of teams with a lot of chips remaining.

In terms of strategies, he shared that he made a few good calls over the course of his Cup run, including increasing the number of City players between GW17-22 and ditching Salah in the past few GWs.

Unlike Patrick, Gil admits to studying his opponents pre-match to try and understand their tactics to date. He tries to analyze how his opponent had navigated the previous rounds which he believes can give insights to his own gameweek.


We at FF Titans wish both players the best of luck! We will track their progress over the next few rounds.




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