FPL GW31 Review – Neo’s Verdict

FPL GW31 Review

FPL GW31 Review

This was a week for the goals, but not for the template.

Most Chelsea defenders blanked, Bruno and Kane both blanked and I got a captain choice right. GW31 was a very exciting one for the majority of it, and now we are going to go through it all.


FPL GW31 Review – Man City’s Kryptonite

Manchester City had been on a record breaking run of victories, so after a stumble against their “noisy neighbors”, it must have come as a surprise when Leeds went and beat them also.

I beg to differ.

Possession based play styles are perfect for Bielsa’s crazy tactics, so a win was a slight surprise, but the rotation from Pep helped that a bit.

Leeds play Liverpool and Manchester United in the next two, which I expect to be big losses, but Leeds putting up a fight is expected, so don’t rush to get rid of your Leeds players.

As for City, Villa is their next destination.

Was there a game at 8pm last night?

FPL GW26 Review

To boost my gameweek further, I needed a return from Richarlison against Brighton of which we had not seen this season.

What came after was the most boring game of the week. Brighton had over 20 shots, of which only three were on target. Olsen took max bonus, but you know it was boring when the best chance of the match was over the bar.

Richarlison and James Rodriguez were nowhere to be seen besides on free kicks. Injuries are piling up for the Toffees, who need a string of results to reach the top 4.

A measly 0:0 had me wishing that I had Callum Robinson and Sam Johnstone to rely on.

Humpty Spursy

Spurs, as they usually do, took a 1-0 lead over Manchester United. Spurs, as they usually do, lost 3:1 to Manchester United.

The stats are there for all to see, and they prove that Jose is outdated. Tottenham Hotspur have lost more points from winning positions than anyone else, which is amazing if you think about it.

Son was back on the scoresheet, but the bigger picture suggests that Jose won’t survive long at Tottenham.

With Pochettino’s PSG holding a 3-2 lead from the first leg of the UCL quarter finals, Spurs fans will be wanting to turn back time.

Spurs go have a double gameweek in GW32, I think that there is no need to double up on their assets. As for United, if they wanted the title that bad, they would start racking up the wins, so players like Cavani, Greenwood and Bruno could be their saviours.


My Gameweek

All you have to do is look at the bench. A green arrow is something I will have to make do with.

Previous watchlist updates Lingard and Semedo helped me to 61 points, with Captain Fantastic Trent Alexander-Arnold giving me a headache right until the end of the match. Whether I captain him another gameweek, we will see, but the bench doesn’t make for good content.

Neto is confirmed to be out for the season, so with him, Raphinha, Cresswell and Pope giving me injury problems, it would be wise to get the doctor in.


Watchlist Update


Mason Greenwood racked up the points off the bench to give me food for thought. I struggle to see how he fits into Ole’s lineup, but you can see that the more he plays with Cavani, the more he molds into that number 9 role, so I see him scoring a lot more goals between now and the end of the season.

People give him a lot of criticism because of his breakout season, but I think now is the time for him to silence those critics.



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