FPL GW35 Captain Pick – by FF Titans Panel

FPL GW35 Captain

FPL GW35 Captain

With Manchester United playing three games this gameweek, we do not expect captain picks to differ too much.

FPL GW35 Captain Pick

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bruno Fernandes is owned by 2%

I had given Bruno Fernandes (11.5) the armband before the triple gameweek was announced and he still has it, even though I don’t expect him to feature more than twice.

Iheanacho is tempting if you are looking for a differential.

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If my own captaincy principles won’t allow me to ignore a player on a double then they are damn well not going to let me ignore a triple!

The armband is firmly on Fernandes (11.5) . Yes, Manchester United are playing 4 times in 7 days and yes, there is likely to be heavy rotation, but if, just if, Bruno plays all three, then I want to be there with bells on. I would Triple Captain him if I still had the chip.

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Bruno Fernandes (11.5). In a season where he currently has the highest points and with a selection of 55.7% among all owners, there is no doubt that your captain should be him. If you do not captain him, you will miss out on closing the gap in your league or lose your top spot. Because every one else will captain him.

Would you rather be safe or sorry?

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I was already planning on captaining Bruno Fernandes (11.5)when he was having a DGW. The highest scoring player on the game who can be quiet for 89 minutes but get a penalty/free kick and score and get the bonus points. Even with possibility of not playing all 3 full games, a DGW and a brief cameo in the other is too good to pass up.

The differential pick would be Alexander-Arnold, also on a DGW and potential for returns at both ends of the field.

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Bruno Fernandes (11.5)is an easy captain pick this GW. He’s already stated he doesn’t like to be benched so the eagerness is there. It’s impossible to forget how he ended last season. The man took the league by storm since his arrival and it’s not surprise he’s the top scorer in FPL this season.

If you’re looking for an alternative option, I’d say go Maguire. He’s the most nailed defender and is set to start all three games and keeping tow clean sheets isn’t far-fetched.

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The easy captaincy pick is Bruno Fernandes (11.5). And it probably is the right one. On pens, likely nailed to start 2, if not all 3 games.

But if you just want a different option this week, Mason Greenwood deserves your attention. 4G1A in his last 4 PL games, and while minutes aren’t secure, he’s more than capable of scoring from the bench. Worth remembering he also managed 1G1A when United played Liverpool in the Cup back in January.


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With the Triple gameweek it is unfortunately very difficult to pick anyone other than Fernandes (11.5) for captaincy. Yes, it is likely that he may not play the entire 270 minutes but Fernandes is durable and had started every game in which he is fit. He may be on a goal drought but this GW he has 3 opportunities to break that drought.

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With Man United playing 3 times in GW35, Fernandes (11.5) is the logical choice for the captaincy.


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