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FPL Top Budget Midfielders

4.5-5.0 priced players are crucial to every team especially when managers want to free up some money in the bank in order to afford the premium players like Lukaku (11.5), Salah (12.6) or Fernandes (12.1).

FPL Top Budget Midfielders

Not every player in that 4.5 – 5.0 price range offers a good return or even that possibility of playing 90 mins per game. There are some good defenders even at the 4.0+ price point who have since had their price increased like Duffy, Tsimikas and Livaramento, all at 4.1 now.

However, these defenders are more like placeholders and do not guarantee the chance of playing 90 mins per game just like their forward counterparts, Southampton’s Obafemi or Villa’s Davis both priced at 4.5.

The best options for a guaranteed starter and the 2 points you crave, in case a first team player in your team does not play and earns 0, is in the 4.5-5 priced midfielders and this article will take you through some of the options.

Some of the stats that will be covered below include, Mins played and Shot Creating Action. We will not dwell too much into the opponents played in the first 2 GWs and the future FDRs.

This article will be divided into 3 parts; 4.5 players, 5.0 players and players with rotation risk and we will try to see which players could possibly earn you extra points for goals and assists.


The above table shows some of the more prominent players in the 4.5 price range but please keep in mind some of the tough fixture list for players like Gilmour and McArthur having come up with the likes of Chelsea, Liverpool and Man city in the first 2 GW.

Out of all these players, Douglas Luiz is the only one to not start both games but that was due to him being rested after his heroics in the Olympics.

As you can see from the stats, Bissouma is evidently the best 4.5 player to have the most SCA with 4 and having already provided 1 assist in GW2, you can see why he is the most popular 4.5 option as well with an ownership % of 15.1%.

Another interesting choice would be Jack Cork who has impressively managed to take 3 shots in his first 2 games.

5.0 options

As shown in the table above, Rice leads the way for SCA with an impressive 7 chances provided producing the 1 assist he earned in GW2.

Most of these 5 mill price point players are fielded higher up the pitch than their 4.5 counterparts therefore amounting to more SCA and Shots taken.

The Brentford options of Onyeka, Janelt and Norgaard have all impressed with Onyeka 4 SCA and 3 shots taken.

Kalvin Philiips is the only one on the list, who like Douglas Luiz, started only one game because of the rest provided for his Euro campaign with England.

In the one game he started, his stats were impressive and if he continues in the same way then he should be able to outperform Rice.

Rotation risk

These 5 players have had some of the best SCA and Shot taken numbers but there might be the problem of rotation when the campaign starts to heat up with more games.

Leading the pack is Kovacic with 8 SCA and 4 shots taken but he could easily be rotated with Kante when UCL matches come about.

Xhaka is surprising number 2 on the list with total numbers and he could have easily provided an assist if Arsenal had better finishers. Xhaka might be rotated with Partey when he is back from injury in September. At the same time, he does possess the threat of being heavily cautioned with 7 yellow cards and 1 red card last season.

Naby Keita is another interesting option with the potential of rotation when Thiago, Fabinho and Henderson are fully fit. Also, with Harvey Elliot’s impressive displays in GW2, it might further hinder Keita’s playing time in the future.


Now that we have seen all the options available at the various price points and filtered out those with rotation risk, here are the 2 options that are the best and most impressive so far.

4.5 – Bissouma & Jack Cork

5.0 – Rice & Phillps

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