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Comparison of FPL Premium Assets

The well needed international break is finally over and lives can go on as per normal with the tinkering of your FPL squads.

Comparison of FPL Premium Assets


It’s been well documented (on Twittersphere) that several hundred thousands of FPL managers are on Wildcard right now particularly because of the hype a certain CR7 brings with him to everywhere he goes.

FPL New Signings

Along with Ronaldo, we are going to take a look at the rest of the premium assets in the FPL and help you to make up your mind on which of them should get.


First up, we have compiled stats from last season below for comparison.

Although, one might argue that they are other important stats like xG and xA, these stats are enough to prove who is at the top of their game and why they got the FPL points they got last season.

Through these stats, it shows that Ronaldo and Lukaku outscored everyone else in the Premier League although they were playing in another league which might have been a little easier.

In terms of assists, only Ronaldo, Salah and Mane had single figure returns while the rest were able to have double figures.

Looking at the G+A 90. Lukaku and Kane lead the way with 1.09 and 1.08 respectively while Ronaldo is the only other player who reached the magical 1 point mark.

It is important to take into account Fernandes’ 94 key passes as he led the way with the highest number of key passes last season with Mason Mount in a close second of 90 and Grealish in third with 83.

Lastly, with the SCA90, it’s the player with the least amount of games, De Bruyne, who has the highest ratio with 0.86. However, it should not come as a surprise because with De Bruyne’s 0.81 G+A90, if he had not gotten injured and continued in that form to play a total of 35 games, then his ratio would have been an impressive 1.13, which would have been the highest amongst the premium assets.

It’s just too bad that he’s always injured.

Fixture Difficult Rating (FDR)

Next up, the table below will focus on the fixture list ahead until the next international break in GW7 and one added fixture in GW8.

As of writing this article, the ownership prices are as of those above, however they might have moved a little since we are nearing the deadline of GW4.

By far the easiest fixture list is with Ronaldo and Fernandes as the 2 Man United players will not be coming up against any big 4 teams within these GWs despite the double red FDRs as suggested by FPL. I guess that adds on to the hype of activating your WC and bringing in Ronaldo.

The next players with fairly decent fixtures are Salah, Mane and Kane as they only have the one red FDR till GW8. Although it is important to note that the red FDR is a game at home.

FPL GW36 Differentials

Lastly, De Bruyne and Lukaku have the hardest fixtures as they have the double red FDR against 2 of the big 6 teams.

My picks

According to the stats, it’s easy to conclude that De Bruyne is the best premium asset but with the enigmatic midfielder injured then the next best would have to be Fernandes. The reason why I am picking Fernandes is because of his 94 key passes and 0.78 SCA90, which is second only to De Bruyne.

With Ronaldo being added into the mix at Manchester United, it will only add to Fernandes’ ability to provide the assists. However, assists do not win you points alone as goals give you the most points, and with Ronaldo seemingly taking over the penalty duties, it goes to show why so many managers have chosen to sell Fernandes already.

With all this reasoning and the fixture list looming over us, it would be fair to say that Salah would be the safest choice as he is still on penalties, has the second easiest fixtures and currently has the second highest points tally in FPL with 30 points despite blanking in GW2.


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