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Saving my FPL Wildcard

By Melvyn Seet @UnblinkingFPL 

The season kicks off and the feeling is your squad is a couple of players short of being complete.

Then Chelsea buys Lukaku, Cristiano Ronaldo is suddenly an option, and Manchester City scores their tenth goal in two home games.

You’re overwhelmed and want to hit the WC button to breathe again.

Saving my FPL Wildcard

FPL Wildcard 2020

Saved by the international break

Step back and assess – do you really need to revamp your squad this early? If half your team is made up of players from the current top seven (Spurs, West Ham, United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Everton and City), the WC might not be necessary. If you have three or less, then just activate your WC right now and skip to the next article.

Personally, I want to save the WC for as long as I can. Here’s why. Our FPL Wildcard is the most powerful chip we have.

I find it a waste to use it for something that can be fixed with a hit or two.

Before you get offended by my suggestion to take hits, hear me out.

Take hits on calculated risks

I played hard last season. Took at least four hits and enjoyed my best highest scoring season with 2434 points.

I’ve already taken one hit this season, Ben White (COVID – a big reason to hang on to your WC) to Eric Dier and Harvey Barnes (Leicester and Barnes were not at all convincing) to Demarai Gray and got 15 points. I’d have scored just two had I done nothing.

Keep calm and plan for auspicious GW7

Why GW7? Most notably, the fixtures get very tasty for title contenders Chelsea and Spurs, and champions City.

GW7 is also the start of a nice run for teams that could break the template, namely Wolves, who have come out swinging, but yet to land a punch, and underachievers Leicester whose introduction of Kelechi Iheanacho upped their tempo in the final 20 minutes against Norwich. There are four weeks to GW7. That’s four players more from the target teams.

Fitting both CR7 and Lukaku it is also achievable with four transfers. The difference is CR7 is happening now, so you may need to take a hit to free up cash is you haven’t banked an FT. If you truly believe Captain CR7 will bang a hat trick, what is -4? Lukaku would be nice for Villa, but because Spurs and City follow, I doubt you’d miss out on too much as you bank FTs to bring him in GW7.

GW7 comes after the second match of the European competitions, which should give you good idea of the clubs’ rotation policy.

C19 could rock FPL more than CR7

FPL GW04 Stats

Why can’t you WC now and take hits later? The main difference is you only have form to worry about now. Later on, you may have to circumvent things you cannot plan for, namely injuries and COVID-19 – my final and most compelling argument.

Winter is C19’s favourite season.

If a player tests positive, it’s two weeks out at least, which could mean three or four games depending on when they get it. With governments adopting a ready-or-not-we’re-opening-up stance on vaccination, it’s not a question of if but when players catch the virus.

Save it

Half the managers who use the first WC early will activate the second one the morning it becomes available.

By using it late, you can save your second WC for when it is raining red flags. So, try to keep up through careful planning and the occasional hit for calculated risks. With a WC in your back pocket, you will always have the upper hand over your rivals.


Merlvyn is fresh from my first top 50K finish and eager to see if he is a one season wonder.

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