Shakhtar Donetsk UCL Fantasy
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Shakhtar Donetsk UCL Fantasy Preview

We spoke to redditor u/gareth__emery, a Shakhtar fan, on his team’s UCL prospects!


Gareth was born in Donetsk and lived there for 20 years until he moved to Poland to study back in 2014.

He started rooting for Shakhtar since five years of age when his parents took me to the stadium.

(in his own words)

Shakhtar Donetsk UCL Fantasy – Goalkeeper

Under normal circumstances it would be Trubin*, but he was injured recently and will be replaced temporarily by Pyatov (4.5).

Once Trubin is fit, he is going to be the first choice GK. I heard the forecasts for his return around beginning/mid of October.

Players to note

Since (Roberto) De Zerbi came as a new coach, he has implemented a complete new strategy, so the players are still getting adapted to his vision.

There are a few players that are nailed in the main squad. First of all, it’s Manor Solomon (MID | 6.0) – the most offensive winger, making a lot of efforts to score. (However, do note that Solomon is likely to be unavailable for MD1 due to personal reasons)

I would also suggest to stick to Dodo (DEF | 5.0). He is right defensive winger, but he is very good in attack – could bring good points vs Sheriff Tiraspol.

Tete* is not a good fantasy pick in my opinion – he plays for 60-70 mins each game, he has good technical skills, but he barely risks and rarely scores.

Then every game he is replaced by Marlos (MID | 6.0), who is our club legend, but he is old and can’t play for more than 30 mins.

Over the two games games against Genk, Shakhtar scored after Marlos came in (assists). Same is happening in the Ukrainian Premier League. I’d rather avoid Tete for now.

On the other hand, Alan Patrick (MID | 6.5) and Pedrihno (MID | 6.0) are both stable starters, the first does free kicks, the latter is really good, might be as good as Solomon, but it’s his first season in the team.

Another good player – Ismaily (DEF | 4.5). However, he is not nailed on as the coach is still trying to find his best XI. He plays the same as Dodo but on the left side.

Other players might be rotated, so not so much to choose from.

*- at time of writing both Trubin and Tete are not in the game


Lassina Traore (FWD | 6.5) is a new player, but has no replacement so far – for his price he’s a good alternative for cheap FWD in UCL Fantasy.

However, the group is quite tough – it might be hard to justify buying him given the other luxuries available in the forward position.

Realistic hopes

(Shakhtar is in Group D with Inter / Real Madrid / Sheriff Tiraspol)

The chances are very good to take third place, and maybe I’ll give 35% chances to get the 2nd place.

Because of the new coach, we were really lucky to qualify and Monaco deserved to win, the players are still new to De Dzebi playstyle – it’s also coach’s first Champions league in his career.

My personal advice is not to focus on Shakhtar very much when the opponent is not Sheriff. We could play very well, or we could lose really hard like last year against Borussia Monchengladbach (6-0 and 4-0).


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