UCL Fantasy Ball Recoveries
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UCL Fantasy Ball Recoveries

Ball Recovery is not a statistic familiar to FPL managers.

In UCL Fantasy, a player of any position, is awarded 1 fantasy point for every 3 successful ball recovery (rounded down). This scoring changes the strategy significantly, as it rewards managers for picking defensive midfielders who often do not earn attacking returns.

Here, we look at some of the players with top ball recovery statistics from last season.

UCL Fantasy Ball Recoveries – Definition

Ball recovery is an event in which a player gains possession of the ball after control has been lost by an opposition player. A successful tackle or an interception is a ball recovery.

As such, this statistic favours players who makes attempt to tackle – typically defensive (anchor) midfielders or defenders.


Of 20 players with the most ball recoveries in the 2020/21 UCL Fantasy season, 4 are midfielders and 16 are defenders.

The 4 midfielders are holding midfielders, playing deep.

Among the defenders, they are well spread between centerbacks and fullbacks.

Player Club P $P Recoveries
1 Casemiro Rma M 6.5 86
2 Jorginho Che M 6 80
3 Hummels Bvb D 5 75
4 Upamecano Bay D 5.5 69
5 Walker Cit D 5.5 66
6 Marquinhos Psg D 5.5 65
7 Djimsiti Ata D 5 63
8 Diego Carlos Sev D 4.5 58
9 Alaba Rma D 5.5 56
10 TAA Liv D 6.5 56
11 Savic Por D 4.5 55
12 Fabinho Liv M 5 54
13 Barrios Zen M 5 52
14 Cancelo Cit D 6 51
15 Varane Utd D 5.5 47
16 Trippier Atm D 5 40
17 Shaw Utd D 6 31
18 Wan Bissaka Utd D 5 31
19 De Ligt Juv D 5 30
20 Ramos Psg D 6 26

Top players for Ball Recoveries

Casemiro (RMA) is the king of ball recoveries, averaging almost 9 ball recoveries per game. That is an additional 3 fantasy pts on the average.

Overall, he has 41 goals and 36 assists in his 411 appearances in all competitions, a good attacking statistic for a player who plays “deep”. In the Champions League, he has scored at least one goal per campaign for the past 5 seasons.

FPL GW05 Stats

Jorginho (CHE) is another player expected to rake up ball recoveries. Last season, he averages around 7 recoveries per game, translating to about 2 extra fantasy points per game.

He also takes penalties for Chelsea, so he is always a good shot for goals as well.

Interestingly, his compatriot Kante is nowhere near the top 20 in terms of this statistic, even though he has won most Player of the Match awards last season.

In terms of most recoveries per game, the player topping that chart is Upamecano (9.86), who plays for Bayern Munich this season. Upamecano chalked up his stats as a RB Leipzig player last term and has already eased himself into the Bayern first XI, where he had started all 3 Bundesliga games to date.

UCL Fantasy strategy

Top UCL Fantasy Strategy

Ball recovery is a more predictable statistic compared to goals and assists.

The above list of players are likely to top the ball recovery charts again, as long as they get the games under their belts.

In picking enablers, especially midfielder enablers, definitely reference to the above chart, as they are players who will always handily pick up a few more fantasy points throughout the season.





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