FPL GW16 Stats

FPL GW16 Stats and Preview

28 December 2020 FF Fly 0

FPL GW16 Stats –¬†Welcome to GW16, possibly the game week with the shortest turnaround time in the season. FPL managers will get no more than […]

FPL GW13 Stats

FPL GW13 Stats and Preview

14 December 2020 FF Fly 0

FPL GW13 Stats Welcome to the first mid-week fixtures of the Premier League season. FF FlyFF Fly has been playing various forms of fantasy football […]

FPL GW08 Stats

FPL GW08 Stats

3 November 2020 FF Fly 0

FPL GW08 Stats GW08 is the game week just before the last international break of the year. The two teams from Merseyside face off the […]